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  • Level Editors – Unreal 3, Radiant, and Hammer
  • Modeling and Texturing Tools – Maya, 3dsMax, Photoshop
  • MS Office – Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Project, Outlook
  • Layout Tools – Illustrator
  • Story/Text/VO/Dialog writing
  • VO Direction
  • Level and game planning
  • Concept and design documentation
  • Kismet scripting & Unreal Matinee
  • BSP & mesh level blockouts
  • Worldbuilding & terrain sculpting
  • Performance optimization

Work Experience

Red Fly Studio                                                                                      Oct. 2012 – Aug. 2013

      Game Designer – TMNT: Out of the Shadows (Unreal 3)

  • Extensive level scripting using Kismet and Matinee.
  • Co-directed VO sessions of multiple voice actors.
  • Implemented VO and all Banter throughout the game.
  • Kismet & Matinee scripting for additional next-gen demo project

Armature Studio                                                                                   Oct. 2011 – Oct. 2012

      Game Designer – Unannounced Project (Unreal 3)

  • Level blockout and scripting via Kismet and Matinee.
  • Rapid prototyping of game systems and features via Kismet and Matinee.
  • Single-player & multiplayer systems design and documentation.
  • Determined design workflow and pipeline for the project.
  • Set construction guidelines, standards and metrics for design and art.
  • Serve as team's Unreal expert.
  • Co-authored game design pitch, for an additional project, to Microsoft.

Sony Online Entertainment                                                          Feb. 2008 – Mar. 2011

      Level/Game Designer - DC Universe Online (Unreal 3 online action RPG)

  • Designed, blocked out and did initial worldbuilding for 18 levels.
  • Did final worldbuilding pass for 3 of those levels.
  • Created/polished encounters for 8 instanced zones and 3 open world areas.
  • Sole level designer of the small design group that prototyped Alert instances.
  • Prototyped “Duo Mode” content as part of end-game player progression.
  • Setup a new art pipeline for level designers to worldbuild their specific content areas, in the open world, that saved memory and did not rely on the use of art-owned maps.
  • Worked very closely with art to ensure all maps serve the needs of both art and design.
  • Functioned as the design team’s “Unreal expert,” assisting/instructing whenever needed.

Midway Studios Austin                                                                Oct. 2007 – Jan. 2008

      Game Designer – Unannounced Project (Unreal 3)

  • Used Unreal Kismet to script open world action gameplay.

Midway Studios Austin                                                                May 2007 – Oct. 2007

      Technical Designer – Core Technology Group (Unreal 3)

  • Determined functionality of all new systems brought into Midway’s Core engine, from a user perspective.
  • Created test maps for all new systems that were brought into Core.
  • Wrote documentation for all previously undocumented Midway systems, to be:
    • Used by QA in test map recreation to ensure functionality.
    • Bundled into Core releases as tutorials for the game teams at all Midway studios.

School Projects         

Weekday Warrior, IGF Mod of the Year, 2007 (Source Engine) – Level Designer / World Object Modeler                   

  • Co-designed & scripted the “Destroyed City” level.
  • Wrote all dialog-trees and implemented all cameras for the “Destroyed City” level.

Sandstorm (Call of Duty Radiant) – Level Designer

  • Scripted kamikaze car crash set piece.
  • Built numerous BSP structures.

Blood Ritual (UnrealEd) – Level Designer / World Object Modeler                      

  • Designed, built, modeled, textured, and lit “Nakjiik Jungle” map.
  • Wrote Concept and Level Design Documents for Nakjiik Jungle.


The Guildhall at SMU, Dallas, Texas

Graduate certificate in Digital Game Development, specialization in Level Design, June 2006.

The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, Texas

Graduate with B.A. in English in May, 2004